Notice on termination of cooperation with ZG: due to the adjustment of product positioning, we have suspended business cooperation with ZG since the announcement. Thank them for your mutual understanding and support and look forward to the follow-up cooperation! At the same time, we will actively promote the selection of new partners. Thank you.

September 28, 2020

Dear DWN users, Hello everyone. Due to the expiration of the contract, DWN will no longer continue the cooperation with "digital snail" as a "global strategic partner". I would like to thank "digital snail" for its support to DWN in the past two years. I wish "digital snail" better and better, and thank you for your company all the way. DWN will soon launch the DWN independent wallet, and your assets in DWN can still be used normally. Set sail, forge ahead, let's make DWN better together.

September 7, 2020

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    DWN Project Description
    The FIRST decentralized blockchain ecosystem based on MasterNode technology
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    DWN Core Technology
    Dual-layer network, higher availability, faster information broadcast
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    DWN Business Value
    Create a more decentralized ecosystem, combining smart contracts and sidechains

DWN Advantages

Ecological incentive

During the DWN master node runtime, to ensure the benefits and sustained development of the ecosystem, up to 90% of the block mining are used as economic incentives for the owner of the master node.

Higher security

Each DWN master node needs to deposit at least 10000 coins, which makes the cost of the node attacking is much more expensive. The 51% attack in practical situations is almost impossible.


The traditional mining mode consumes huge power resources. The mining mode of the DWN master nodes only needs to be deployed on a server that runs on 7*24 hours, which greatly saves power resources.

Intelligent algorithm

The DWN calculates the block volume with real-time difficulty, and uses the DWG to allocate the number of block rewards, unlike the BTC, LTC, etc. that use the KGW.

Anonymous payment

Using Advanced PrivateSend Untrusted Decentralized Mixing Technology. Before anonymous transmission is completed, each trade will be mixed multiple times on different master nodes, and it is almost impossible to track the flow of mixed currency.

Higher Performance

The dual-layer network combined with the main node InstantX technology enables users to send and receive instant irreversible transactions, achieve second-level transaction confirmation, and has extremely high concurrent processing ability.

Network stability

The master nodes run on a large number of hosted servers or relay nodes around the world, which makes the network very stable and it is almost impossible to have any downtime.

MasterNodes Network

Nodes are very important to the health of the network. The number of nodes affects the synchronization of clients and broadcast information speed across the entire network. The DWN master nodes network uses up to 90% of block mining as economic incentives for owners of master nodes. Any full account wallet client with above 10,000 DWN tokens can become a master node within the network, which reduces the threshold of participation, and also greatly increases the security of the network. The nodes in the DWN master node network are all nodes deployed on hosted servers worldwide. These nodes play an important cornerstone role, enabling the DWN network with extremely high concurrency processing capabilities.

Side chains

The DWN master node network will support the development and applications of side chains, enabling the transfer of assets between multiple blockchains. The wedge-type side chains are completely isolated, and even if some side chains are cracked, the damage is limited to these side chains themselves without affecting the main chain or other side chains. The side chain code and data are completely independent, so it does not increase the burden on the main chain. This approach is actually a natural fragmentation mechanism. The main chain and the side chain are mutually beneficial, the main chain provides the infrastructure for the side chain, and the side chain adds more nodes to the main chain, so the ecosystem continues to grow.

Smart contracts

DWN will provide efficient, transparent technology management and lightning-strength smart contract technology for applications in the ecosystem based on the master nodes network. The DWN smart contracts will implement Turing complete state channels and decentralized oracles, and achieve distributed application performance with high scalability, high flexibility, and high availability.

Master node protocol

The master node broadcasts on the entire network using a series of extension protocols, including the master node message announce mechanism and the master node message ping mechanism. These two types of mechanisms are used to confirm that the entire network nodes are in effect. Except that, PrivateSend and InstantSend are required to perform the service volume verification mechanism.

Sending a certain number of node coins to a specific wallet address, the activation code naturally generates from a master node that can broadcast on the entire network, and then a secondary private key is generated. It is used to sign all other information. Stand-alone mode can also be used to fully lock the wallet.

Using a secondary private key on two separate machines makes COLD mode possible. The main "HOT" client signs the input for a certain number of node coins. This process involves signing the information with a secondary private key. After that, the "COLD" client can discover the information containing the secondary private key and activate the master node. This invalidates the "HOT" client (client shuts down), so that the attacker cannot access the activated master node to steal the node coins.

Build the DWN ecosystem

E-Sports Platform

Logistics Transportation

Cross-border payment and settlement


Total: 2,100,000,000 DWN
The total amount is fixed and never increases

Node Mining Bonus: 50%
Maximum token sales volume: 27.58%
Marketing promotion: 9.52%
Team: 8.04%

Soft top: 31200 ETH
Hard top: 44800 ETH
Private Equity: 31200 ETH
Public Equity: 13500 ETH

Private Equity (Needs KYC Certification)
Private Equity 31200ETH (100 ETH minimum)

1 ETH = 14000 DWN

Public Equity (Needs KYC Certification)
Public Offer 13500 ETH (low 0.1 ETH)

1 ETH = 11000 DWN

DWN Roadmap

  1. May 2017

    Launch the project

  2. June 2017

    Complete the first draft version of the white paper

  3. August 2017

    Start DWN main network construction research and development

  4. May 2018

    Test token payment

  5. June 2018

    DWN website online

  6. July 2018

    Complete the establishment of the master node network

  7. August 2018

    Android, ios wallet release

  8. October 2018

    Node Network Planning and Tutorial Release


Kristian Dikov


Matei Stefanov Abadzhiev

Financial analysts

Evgeni Keskinov

Blockchain technologist

Aleksandrova Blagomira

Social Media Expert

Ivan Georgiev Grudev

Marketing and advertising specialist

Miroslav Grozev

Account Manager

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